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Complete training solutions...

Software Development, Packaging and Testing

Software Development:

Web site preparation, hosting and maintenance
Window based using Visual Dot net technology of Microsoft.
PHP using advance tools.
Java interfacing with oracle database.

Software Packaging and Integration:

Software customers are adapting to the new technology landscape. We offer software installation, packaging solution designed to traditional and agile development teams and their windows and virtualized installation requirements.

Create installation that matches your company and product branding.
Support continuous release processes by streaming the latest updates and patches at install time, ensuring that users always install the latest version.
Check for the latest set up every time an installation is run, including from installation's maintenance mode and install your latest product releases.
Develop upgrade that can detect the presence of multiple instances of a product on target systems, providing end users with options to select the instance to upgrade.
Support both major and minor upgrades.

Software Advance Testing Solutions:

Partnered with LogiGear US based company to cover Pan India testing services.
LOGIGEAR important clients are Microsoft, Oracle, CISCO, Halliburton and many others.
Professional services engagement strategic consulting, automation consulting, coaching.