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Founder and CEO - HCLC Solutions

Mr. Pawan Kumar Mishra has been serving as CEO, High Computer Learning Center (HCLC), Gurgaon over five years. He has a very successful and brilliant academic career with the award of B.E degree in Electronics & Communication. He has a total of 35 years of experience in Industries as well as in Education. He started his professional career from industries in Engineering and Project Management. He has 16 years of international experience in different Countries like Malaysia, Japan, Oman, and UAE in the field of international business management. Over more than 19 years he is serving his nation. He has served Engineers India Limited (10yrs), Project Development India Limited (8 yrs), LURGI (1 yr).

Founder's Musing

The demand of top of the line professionals increased manifold. In our country a number of professional Institutes are added every year. More the number of Institutes increases, more the chances of tough competition arise. There is a need of qualitative & quantitative improvement in the education system. The task of educationist is not only to impart knowledge but to build the personality of students, since they are the future citizens and the institute’s responsibility is to produce best citizen for the Country. Therefore, every faculty has to work as a role model and create a niche as a brand of the institution of the country. The institute follows innovative approach in delivery of education towards achieving excellence by giving practical exposure. The approach to curriculum transaction has key elements that are important not only for over all personality development, but also for attaining.