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Director - HCLC Solutions

Director - HCLC Solutions Ms. Shweta Jha, B.Sc Honrs., M.B.A (Director of High Computer Learning Center in Gurgaon) imparts training in the field of Information Technology, Software Designing and Development. Inspite of coming from a business family, Ms. Shweta Jha choose to learn the ropes of the trade herself instead of simply enjoying the fruits of his father's Business. It was while pursuing his B.Sc Honrs. at Delhi University, Delhi and after attending guest lecturers of eminent businessmen, Shweta was inspired to become an entrepreneur too. This stirred in her the passion to live life differently .Her next step was MBA which she did in Internatial Business and Marketing from Pune University, Pune. The years following grew her as a highly-placed employee with corporate giants. The last company, in the list of the companies she worked with, was Logistics Solutions. Ms. Shweta, along with the support of her family, launched HCLC in Gurgaon(H.R.) in the year 2005, as a Premier Corporate Training Institute, in Gurgaon, which is frenchise of New Horizon India. She is managing Masters degree program of ILLINOIS Institute of Technology, Chicago.